Welcome to our family farm!

Home Sweet Home

Swamp Fox Farms is on a beautiful piece of Lowcountry land, surrounded by majestic marshes, framed by sprawling live oaks and filled with many loving memories.

It has always been a special space where people from all walks of life come together to be part of a community. As a family, it’s where we hold whiffle ball games, school fundraisers, friendly get-togethers and weddings.

Naturally, the idea of opening up our slice of heaven to the public took some thought and care (read on for why). However, it’s an exciting new chapter that we’re delighted to share with others.

An equestrian history

I first called Swamp Fox Farms home when I was a teenager. I have fond memories of farming vegetables — a craft that my teenage self reluctantly learned from my father and the farm manager, Thomas. 

My passion was always with horses. While other high school students were going to parties, I was competing in the hunter and jumper divisions — earning “Best Child Rider” for the Blowing Rock Charity Horse Shows, Reserve Champion at the Washington International Horse Show and  championships throughout the country including WEF, HITS.

I followed my equestrian dreams through my time at  Savannah College of Art and Design. I had the honor of representing the United States at a collegiate nations cup in Germany. Later, I enjoyed success as a Cacchionne Cup qualifier and IHSA national horse show top ten competitor for four consecutive years.

Swamp Fox Farms is a place to lay your burdens down at the gates and be yourself without judgment.

Just as my career as a professional hunter and jumper rider took off, a new chapter began to unfold. First, I met my husband, Jason. Then, my parents moved to follow my father’s career, leaving Swamp Fox Farms for Jason and me to take over.

Wouldn’t you know it, life has a way of taking unexpected turns. Soon, Jason and I welcomed our sons, Sam and Alex, to the world. I had to take a break from riding. But when I stepped back into the show ring, I earned top ribbons at the National Derby level.

I was fortunate enough to pass on my love for horses by turning Swamp Fox Farms into an equestrian training facility. My heart and soul went into coaching and mentoring young women into empowered horsemen. Swamp Fox Farms was a safe haven where young riders learned to build their confidence, to manage their emotions and to navigate the realities of our modern world.

However, try as I might (for eight years, to be exact), there just wasn’t enough of me to go around. It broke my heart, but I had to let go of the horse training business to focus on my family.

My deep roots in horse riding and jumping helped instill in me strong values of hard work and determination.

Sam and Alex have known how to ride horses since they were really little. 

A place that stands the test of time

When I think of the history of Swamp Fox Farms, I picture the live oak at the front of our property — which has shaded horses since I was a child. Its branches hang dutifully over the paddock fence with a sense of purpose. 

It might seem funny to think of a tree as having a personality. When one has been around for nearly 200 years, it tends to take on a life of its own. I often think of what this tree has seen through its lifetime.

That tree saw the railroad being built. The road to Swamp Fox Farm was a rail line carrying steel to the ports of Savannah. An old still tucked in the corner is where bootleggers, including the legendary Monkey John, made moonshine to throw to the rail workers.

That tree also saw the farm being turned into a loving home. When Jason proposed, I knew exactly where I wanted to get married: under the loving arms of that tree that has withstood hurricanes, depressions, economic booms and forest fires.

The best thing about memories is making them

Turning our farm into an event venue should have been a difficult decision. However, when I peel back the layers of history — long before Jason and I had our babies and even before my parents spent years planning and dreaming our home’s every detail — Swamp Fox Farms has always been the center of life’s major events.

It warms my heart to envision other families and friends making memories here — raucously fun family reunions, formal corporate gatherings, oyster roasts, church fundraisers or weddings …

When I see a beautiful bride at the farm, I will think of Jason’s Grandpa Lloyd officiating our wedding:

“May the road rise up to meet you;

May the wind be always at your back;
May the sun shine warm upon your hearts;

And the rain fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May you be held in the palm of God’s hands …”

Our wedding’s benediction best describes our life at Swamp Fox Farms. Through dirt, sweat and love, my family has remained steadfast in this bucolic corner of South Carolina.

As I welcome you to our story, I’m excited to help create yours.